From goats, to chickens, to bunnies, this is where you can get updates on all our furry farm friends!



We believe in community and we love to meet new people!

We love to offer farm visits! At this time all visits are Appointment Only. If you would like to come visit us, please contact us to set up an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

**Please note that we are a working farm and farm animals are often unpredictable. Please exercise caution and keep all children next to you at all times. Please follow all rules we go through when you come. Thank you.



We have the joy of raising Nigerian Dwarf goats. They supply us with the very best milk and loads of laughter. Their milk is the creamiest of all goat milk and we love to make everything with it - cheese, ice cream, soap, and so much more! Farm fresh goat milk is absolutely amazing. Don't compare it to store bought. That stuff tastes nasty! Try the real deal. The good stuff. You'll be amazed.

Try our soap made with their milk!



We love to keep New Zealand rabbits specifically for their droppings. It's Garden Gold! Would you like some droppings for your garden? Give in touch with us!



We love raising Cornish Cross meat chickens!

We believe in raising chickens naturally on the pasture, getting fresh grass and bugs to eat every day. We also feed them organic food and take great care to make sure they are healthy and strong. We do not crowd the chickens in their moveable pens. Each pen could house double the amount we put in them but we like to give them space. Our chickens are always moving, jumping, and getting exercise. These guys are healthy!

*** Please note that due to supply issues we can't offer any to you at this time, however we are hoping to do a Fall Run. If you have any interest in securing future chickens contact us below!



We adore having pigs! We absolutely fell in love with the little (big) buggers! These guys were our last year's pigs and we will be getting more this fall. We raise our pigs in a pen four times the size that is required for them because we believe in being kind and giving them much needed space. Plus, they love to eat the grass and root the ground! Why deny them the very things they love? We also give them a mud pit to wallow in. Have you ever seen a pig enjoy playing in the mud? They are so happy and love it! 

If you are interested in securing future pig meat, please contact us to get on the list.

chicken pic.JPG


Our ducks and chickens are SPOILED! Absolutely spoiled rotten, and they love it. So do we because they produce beautiful eggs for us and plenty more to share with others. They get mealworm treats every day as well as free range our property to get all the fresh grass and bugs that their little hearts desire.



We raise Kentucky Bourbon Red turkeys simply because we love them! Kentucky Bourbon Red turkeys are a heritage breed turkey that was developed in Bourbon county, Kentucky. They are prized for their delicious meat and said to be the tastiest of all turkeys. We haven't tried that ourselves yet, but we do enjoy hatching the babies.

We currently have baby Kentucky Bourbon Reds! Contact us if you would like some.