How We Got Here

Back in 1995 we never thought we would be doing what we are doing now. This was about as far from our minds as driving flying cars. (Okay, flying cars can just continue to stay out of our minds, okay? I hate flying. Thanks, but no thanks, okay?) We've watched life change all around us. But the biggest change came from something that no one ever wants to experience - cancer. 

Over 10 years ago Paul was diagnosed with cancer and his prognosis wasn't good, not even with treatment. It was pretty much a toss up and it was the scariest moment of our lives. We were in our 30's, young with small children. The fear during this time just can't be explained. It was debilitating. We couldn't hope or dream because we didn't know if there was a future with "us". The doctors and nurses weren't hopeful for us. We asked the doctor if there was anything we could do to help his odds. The doctor said "No. There is nothing you can do. Take the medicine and then it's up to God." How does one process this? Not easily. It was like a nuclear bomb went off in our lives and left us with ashes. I (April) wasn't convinced about what the doctor was saying and I definitely wasn't going to just throw the dice and leave it to chance. When you love someone you will do whatever it takes to protect them.

I started researching every waking minute to learn how foods and products affect the body. I learned about the way processed foods became a thing, the things put in them, the things put into health products that we put on our skin, which is a big deal because our skin is our largest organ and our health begins in our gut. Everything stems from these two things. We truly are what we eat. And if you are putting things on your skin, your skin is eating those products too.

I started making everything I could homemade. At this time we were living in a subdivision in town. While the kids were at school or out playing with their friends, I was busy making a small garden plot behind the house and cooking up homemade foods. We started juicing vegetables, making and drinking milk kefir and kombucha, making homemade laundry soap and homemade bread. I was giving it my all to keep Paul alive and healthy and with us. It was my sole purpose in life; the only thing in my mind, pushing me to forget about limitations and just do it. Paul was and continues to be the love of my life and I wasn't about to lose that because a doctor said "no."

Something amazing happened through all of this. My inner Mama Bear rose up out of the ashes. I discovered a fight in me that I never knew existed and a strength that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I learned to trust myself and follow my instincts. I discovered how toxic negativity is to the mind and body and strived to become positive and live life to the fullest. I decided that if my husband was going to leave this earth, I was going to make sure he left being happy, hopeful, and full of life.

Another amazing thing happened as well. Paul started to look healthier, even in the midst of a very grueling treatment of chemo, surprising the doctors and nurses. He didn't even look like a chemo patient and he never missed work. He finished chemo and a year went by. Two years went by and the doctor was shocked that the cancer didn't come back. Five years went by and the doctor was blown away that the cancer was still gone. Ten years later he is still cancer free. We thank God that he is still here with us!

We left the subdivision and moved into a home with 6 acres. They say that chickens are the Gateway Animal and that's no joke! We set out to pick up 6 chickens and came home with 16. Chicken math is not a joke either LOL! The next year we started growing microgreens and bought 16 ducklings. Loony Moose Farm was born and named! The year after that we got more chickens and I hatched ducklings. Next thing you know we're selling microgreens, chicken and duck eggs, and having a blast! The year after that we got even more chickens and added rabbits and goats. 

Our life has never been the same, and we love it!